Call for volunteers in support of “JAA Company Program”

The JA Company Program takes place in a number of secondary schools in Albania and helps young people appreciate and understand the role of business in society and the local context. During the learning process, students become part of a business society created by themselves in the classroom.

Students not only learn how an enterprise/society works, but at the same time get to know its system, structure, operation and activity. This program culminates with the participation of the best companies of the year in the national competition “National Fair of Student Companies” organized by JAA.

In addition to the excellent work done by the teachers in the lesson and the training offered by JA of Albania, the support from the business volunteers for the companies set up by the students, is a very important factor to fulfill the qualitative expectation of this program.

Do you want to support one of the “JAA Student Companies” in the challenge to set up and develop their business?

If you have:

  • Professional engagement in the business sector in Albania;
  • Knowledge and experience of economics and finance (knowledge of marketing, sales, credit, finance, etc.);
  • The right time to support the JAA Student Company with your experience (45 minutes 1 time in 2 weeks);
  • The ability to effectively convey business knowledge gained from professional and personal experience in the workplace to students aged 16-18

Register with JA of Albania as a volunteer for the “Student Company”, by sending your CV to [email protected] by October 5, 2022.