Continuation of entrepreneurship learning outside of school

Troughout March 2023, Junior Achievement of Albania has organized 2 Innovation Camps in Berat and Peshkopi. These camps were organized to promote entrepreneurial learning outside the traditional classroom environment and to encourage young people to develop their skills and turn their ideas into action.

These activities welcomed 74 high school students who had to collaborate with their peers to find creative and innovative solutions. At the end of each camp, participants had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, who selected the best based on their innovation, presentation and potential impact, awarding them with a special prize at the end.

In addition to the innovation camps, the International Trade Game was organized, which brought together 35 JAA Alumni. The game was designed to provide participants with a hands-on experience of international trade and develop their understanding of the global economy.

One of the main lessons the participants learned during the game was the importance of communication and negotiation in international trade. They had to work closely with their teammates to develop effective strategies to negotiate with other teams, and they also had to be able to communicate their ideas and proposals clearly and convincingly.

Learning entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be confined to a classroom, and these innovation camps are proof of that. By providing young people with practical experiences and real-world challenges, they are helping to create a new generation of entrepreneurs who are ready to face the challenges of the future.