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This is a one-day JA activity aiming to increase the knowledge of young people for the trade market by paly a stimulation game. The World Trade Game is implemented with students and high-students who are divided into teams and each of which acts as a separate ‘country’. There are six ‘countries’ in the game: two rich industrialized countries; two middle-income countries; two low-income countries.
While trading and exchanging among countries during the game, the students become acquainted with the general development issues, such as the powerlessness of poor countries and the production and trade in an unequal world.
The game allows the students to recognize the fundamental elements of their personal finances: earnings, saving and investing, budgeting, credit, risk management, and giving. Thus, it encourages them to move away from a typical textbook account of the embedded ideas and prompts them to consider alternative motives that might prompt economic behavior.


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