National Fair and Competition of JAA Students’ Companies

The goal of the Fair & Competition is to demonstrate acquired skills, as well as recognize, appreciate and award the best efforts, approaches and top excellent ideas coming from albanian youth. The trade Fair, every year, brings together JA students, teachers and a Jury of entrepreneurs and managers of big corporates in Albania. 22- 25 top JA student mini-companies (+150 students, 16-18 age) participate at the Fair & Competition, aiming for the big national award. Participation at the Fair is highly competitive, based on standard selection criteria, including the business idea, viability of the business plan, company activity report submitted, reports on sales and returns, and other business features, such as marketing strategy applied, financial reports etc.

Address: Rr. "Pjetër Bogdani", Nr. 36/1 Tirana, Albania

Tel: +355 4 225 9108

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