Regional Innovation Camps

This is a one-day JA activity competition and an incubator of ideas, which engages young people of the JAA network to be part of the solution generation for specific problems that tackle their communities and more abroad. As a special initiative of the Junior Achievement program, the camp stimulates young people, motivates and encourages creativity in them along fostering the belief that they shall act as responsible individuals and citizens, ready to respond to the challenges and to provide solutions that help in increasing social welfare of their communities.
Young people, work in random groups to identify sustainable and effective solutions to a problem, announced by JA of Albania. Each team works under the advice of a mentor and develops innovative solutions under the pressure of a deadline. Young people produce ideas and solutions within a working day.
Young people’s ideas are evaluated by a jury panel with professional members of the business industry, who appreciate young people’s efforts, their creativity, new innovative elements, the impact and feasibility of the solution generated by the participants during their teamwork.


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