Exploring professions and future of the labor market

The students of “Kozma Gj. Basho” school were engaged in games, competitions, roleplay, and research for different professional fields during the “Career Day” activity. A format implemented by JA of Albania in 9th grade schools to give students the opportunity to explore different career paths and start the process of thinking and creating clear ideas about their future career.

Representatives from general and vocational high schools of Pogradec and Korça, the Employment Office in Korça, the Pogradec Children’s Cultural Center, the Pogradec Education Office, as well as representatives from the private sector, joined 28 students from the 8th and 9th grades and their teachers in this activity.

Presentations from the schools, employment office representatives, and the business community created a necessary space for students to become familiar with the schools they can attend after completing the 9-year education, but also with existing employment services and spaces.

All participants, students, teachers, and representatives of various institutions appreciated JAA’s commitment to the education of young people in terms of career and emphasized the need to spread this format to other schools.