Finance Bootcamps: New energy and ideas from students in Fier and Lezhe

This year started with new energy and fantastic ideas from the students, part of Junior Achievement of Albania activities. In January, 83 students of lower secondary education schools in Fier and Lezhë participated in JAA’s Finance Camp. Students divided in groups identified problems and challenges in the community where they live and proposed business ideas that provide solutions to some of the identified problems. They presented their idea and business plan to the jury, focusing more on the financial aspect.


Through different challenges we had a total of 16 winners in both Fieri and Lezha.


JAA’s “Finance Camps” aims to expand the knowledge and skills, students from the 8th and 9th grade learn in school about personal finance and entrepreneurship. Through these activities they gain practical skills on how to earn, save and invest money, use loans and manage their personal finances.