“Fistrat” and “Real Albanian” represent Albania at the GEN-E: European Entrepreneurship Festival 2023

The Gen-E 2023 European Entrepreneurship Festival was held in Istanbul by JA Europe and hosted by JA Turkey on July 11-14, 2023. The event involved 800 young entrepreneurs, their teachers, JA staff, business partners and policy makers from across Europe.

Young entrepreneurs competed in two categories: (i) high school level with 41 Student Companies, winners of national competitions and (ii) University level with 20 Start-UPs. According to organizers, competing teams were selected from over 390,000 JA students in the 2022-2023 school year.

The competition gave to the young participants the opportunity to present their business ideas and the entire process followed to develop and prepare them as entrepreneurs.

Virtual EXPO

JA of Albania was maximally committed to the inclusion of the Student Companies as part of this program during the 2022-2023 academic year in the Virtual Expo organized by JA Europe.

36 out of 70 established Student Companies were included in the Virtual Expo making Albania one of the 17 countries with the highest number of registrations.

While from the Start-UP program, were registered 11 start-ups in the virtual Expo.

At the Virtual Expo, one of the Student Companies “Derë m’derë” from the “Kostandin Kristoforidhi” high school was nominated by the jury for the UNICEF award on social inclusion.

Entrepreneurship Festival in Turkey

Student Companies were represented by the winning team of the National Entrepreneurship Festival organized by JA Albania in May 2023, “Fistrat”. The idea of this company consisted of an application focusing on the financial education of young people through games. The company conducted the online interview with the jury, made a qualitative appearance during the presentation on stage, and during the exhibition the stand had a significant number of visitors.

Real Albanian, competing in the University category, was nominated by the jury for the “Euroclear financial performance” award. Both members of this start-up had an online interview with the jury, made a very good presentation in stage, as well as presented their platform well to various visitors during the fair.

The “Harry Fultz” Institute was nominated for the “The Entrepreneurial School Award”. This institute managed to be among the 27 schools that won this award at this Festival. The principle of this Institute was present during the award ceremony.

During this festival, the CEO of JAA, the Manager of Education at AADF, the Board member of JAA, the team “Fistrat” and the principle of “Harry Fultz” met with the Consulate of Albania in Istanbul, Mrs. Blerta Kadzadej. The latter visited the stands of Albanian companies on the day of the Fair, as well as held a short meeting with the CEO of JA Europe, Mr. Salvatore Nigro.