On May 25-26 2023, in Tirana, took place the National Festival of Entrepreneurship 2023 organized by Junior Achievement of Albania with the institutional support of the Ministry of Education and Sports, as well as financial support of the Albanian-American Foundation for Development and Tirana Bank. 125 students, part of 25 JAA Student Companies, from 17 high secondary schools in Tirana, Elbasan, Malësi e Madhe, Peshkopi, Kuçova, Librazhd, Prrenjas, Sarandë, Fier were involved in this Festival.

The Students’ Company is a module part of the elective curriculum of upper secondary education, which provides young people with the principles and skills of entrepreneurship and financial education in practice.

Student Companies’ business ideas and products address market needs and specifically: 40% green economy; 12% services; 40% IT & Innovation and 8% Web&App design. The Best Entrepreneurial Company 2023 will represent Albania at the European Entrepreneurship Festival that is being developed by JA Europe this year in Istanbul, Turkey.

The National Entrepreneurship Festival finalizes the several months of work of the “JAA Student Company” Program, which this academic year started with the development of the elective module in 56 schools of higher secondary education for 2,532 students, followed with the establishment of 70 Student Companies, the training of 145 student leaders of these Companies and the inclusion of 331 Company representatives in the three Regional Entrepreneurship Festivals held in Gjirokastër, Korçë and Lezhë.

Not only the subject “Students Company” but also the regional and national trainings and festivals developed by JAA have given young people knowledge and skills as entrepreneurs, which will accompany them during their journey as well as throughout their education in the future, but also in the market of work or their future ventures.

The jury visited the stands  engaging with the participants, evaluating their work and finally selecting the winners. The prices are as follows:

  • Best Company of the Year 2023: Fistrat
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Der M’Der
  • Company Ready for Work: KacamisTri
  • Most Innovative Business Idea: Solar
  • Best Marketing & Sales Plan: Re-note
  • The Most Customer Oriented Company: Lightlo
  • Alumni Award 2023: Alba Lloshi

A big round of applause to everyone for their efforts throughout the year!