GEN-E Regional Entrepreneurship Festivals

We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of another chapter of the Students Company Program with the GEN-E Regional Entrepreneurship Festivals. These highly anticipated events were held in the cities of Korça, Lezha, and Gjirokastra throughout April and May 2023.

With great enthusiasm and determination 287 students representing 39 high schools from all over Albania participated in these festivals. The main objective of the Student Companies was to showcase and market their unique products and innovative ideas to a wider audience.

During the festivals, each student had the opportunity to promote and sell their products or present their ideas to a diverse range of visitors. The festivals attracted a significant number of attendees, including local citizens, business professionals, and media who were keen to witness these initiatives of these young entrepreneurs.

As we close this chapter of the Students Company Program, we eagerly look forward to the continued growth and success of these aspiring entrepreneurs.