JAA trainings a continuous commitment to the professional development of teachers

In April, JAA hosted two training sessions for teachers from Lushnja and Kruja, allowing a total of 107 educators to enhance their knowledge and skills regarding the implementation of the Economic Education Program within the elementary education curriculum. These sessions were led by pedagogical experts who provided the participating teachers with a practical and comprehensive framework to create engaging and effective lessons for their students. In addition to this, teachers were also introduced to key terminology relevant to the training topic, such as “city”, “urban planning”, and “my finances”, thereby enabling them to create an enhanced learning experience for their students.

Participants expressed their gratitude for the interactive and engaging sessions, which facilitated their learning of new techniques and approaches to incorporate in their classrooms. By prioritizing and investing in the professional development of teachers, JAA is playing a dynamic role in ensuring that students receive a better education, empowering them for success in the 21st century.