Junior Achievement of Albania modules will start implementation in secondary vocational education in Albania

For more than 10 years, Junior Achievement of Albania has been dedicated to enriching the education of Albanian youth through the implementation of our educational modules in pre-university education.

We are extremely proud to announce that the Albanian - American Development Foundation (AADF) has recently signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry of Finance and Economics to bring our Financial Education and Entrepreneurship modules to vocational education institutions in Albania. This marks an important strategic moment in our organization's mission to provide quality education and training to youth in Albania, as an AADF historic investment.
And now, thanks to this Cooperation Agreement, we will be able to expand our reach even further and offer these valuable resources to students in vocational education.

A total of 33 vocational education institutions across the country, serving about 18,000 students, will have the opportunity to join our programmes and become part of our national and international network, which currently includes over 5 million young people in Europe and over 15 million globally. This is a truly exciting moment for JAA and we are eager to see the positive impact our Financial Education and Entrepreneurship modules will have on Albania’s future leaders.