National Competition and Fair – Students Company 2022

24 companies, set up by 125 students from 22 public and non-public high schools in Albania, competed with their ideas and products at the “National Competition  and Fair of the Student Companies” held by Junior Achiemevent of Albania on June 28 2022 .

The competing companies were part of 59 Student Companies that applied to JAA with their business ideas at the beginning of this year and that developed and implemented them concretely supported by their teachers, mentors from the business community, as well as through a training cycle developed by JAA in their support.

The National Competition and Fair of Student Companies is part of the ongoing commitment of Junior Achievement and the “Albanian-American Development Foundation” to support the financial education of young people in Albania in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports, both through the subject modules of JA, as well as extracurricular activities, such as the “Student Company” program. During the 2021-2022 academic year, 85 high schools in Albania and about 5,000 students received knowledge through the optional modules “Student Company” and “Leader for a Day”.

Deputy Minister of Education Mrs. Nina Guga, in her speech at the opening ceremony of this Fair, emphasized: – “I believe that not only the 24 companies today, but in the future we will have excellent entrepreneurs and students who will face the challenges of time and job market. Your success today translates into the success you will have tomorrow.”

“There are never losers in a competition. Take this as a very good experience, thanks to AADF and Junior Achievement, to pursue further on. I am very happy that every time we work together with the Ministry of Education and AADF, we bring very good, innovative projects that will serve future generations”, – emphasized the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Tirana.

The National Fair, as well as the 3 Regional Fairs held in April-May this year, gave 277 students, part of 59 Companies from 42 high schools in Albania, the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge of entrepreneurship that they have acquired and practiced, as well as it is evaluating the best achievements among them.

An established National Jury, consisting of 6 members of the business community, interviewed on June 7 2022 and evaluated the competing Companies based on the criteria of innovation and entrepreneurship, product and customer focus, financial performance, company planning and administration, as well as the ability to demonstrate learning achievements.

The jury awarded:

With the “Company Ready for Work” award – Epoxy Art

Award: “Best Marketing and Sales Plan” – Posterum

Award: “Social Enterprise” – Fauve

Award: “Most Innovative Business Idea” – Plantech

Award: “Most Customer Oriented Company” – Puff Pets

Award: “JAA 2022 Best Entrepreneurial Company” – Nexus

“Tirana Bank, as part of the Balfin Group, is proud to have participated as a sponsor in this event and expresses its gratitude for your participation with innovative ideas”, -Mr. Idlir Mezini during the presentation of the “Nexus” Company award.

The “Nexus” company, winner of the national award, will represent Albania at the European Entrepreneurship Festival “#Gen-E2022” that will take place on July 12-15 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia. This festival takes place with the participation of Winning Companies from 40 European countries and crowns the best company of the year at the European level.