Debating Economics


classroom based and/or after school


3 years


High School and Terciary Education

“Debating Economics” is a three-year program implemented by Junior Achievement of Albania in 80 high schools, one in every of 61 municipalities, and 12 Universities in Albania, such as in Tirana, Elbasan, Vlore, Shkoder, Durres, and Korçe. The project aims to build a culture of debate among youth in Albania, encouraging critical thinking, creative problem solving, research and argumentation on economic policy issues, public speaking skills, freedom of speech, and leadership in Albania. The “Debating Economics” program, among its implementation, introduces the Albanian youth to the international scene of debate program, offers a contribution to the continuous education of civic and democratic values and practices, and to the creation of a healthy leadership culture in the country.
The debate as a lifelong Learning Process offers youth leaders and other community members the opportunity to examine issues affecting their lives and their communities; to create broad and inclusive debate clubs that encourage the participation of all interested young students, promote, organize, and sustain their activity all through the academic year and beyond. Debate as an alternative form of education can be developed in many formats that will engage students to understand policy processes, realize how they can contribute, and ask for better solutions for their communities. This program trains and empower students to enjoy and take control over their own education.
Students participating in “Debating Economics” program are provided with a packet of five training modules, as follows:

  1. How to establish a debate club: Ability to engage students in the clubs (High Schools Clubs and Universities Clubs) who along with their coaches members prepare for tournaments and serve the broader school community.
  2. Critical thinking, research, and academic writing: Ability to analyze, read and think critically over topics of their concern research and evidence of trusted sources, and more.
  3. Team Building: Required knowledge and related ability to engage in successful teamwork through debate activities and beyond.
  4. Ethics, Communication, and Community Engagement: Ability to demonstrate beliefs, values, attitudes, and skills that enable efficient service to each student. Cooperation with the community, partners, government, and NGOs.

5. Leadership: Required knowledge and related ability to evaluate and self-evaluate healthy leadership skills and manifestation.

Besides training modules, students and other participants in the program, all over Albania, have the chance to attend several debate tournaments between them, as prescribed in the calendar of debate tournaments of the “Debate Economics” program. Moreover, this program enhances its participant’s debate skills, thus preparing them to be potential successful debaters in the international debate arena too.

“Debating Economics” is a program implemented, also with the support of the Ministry of Education, Regional Education Directorates, Partnering Universities, and Enrolled High Schools all over Albania.


debate, economy, economic policies, social policies, argumentation, British parliamentary debate format, research, opposition, position, rebuttal, academic research, public speaking, statistics, evidences, examples, facts, statement, critical listening.


critical thinking and listening, creative problem solving, research and argumentation on economic policy issues, public speaking skills, freedom of speech and leadership, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, advocacy, lobbying, academic and independent research skills, organizational skills, teamwork, negotiation, oral and written communication skills, democratic values, civic education, tolerance and conflict resolution.