Savings Game

In the framework of World Savings Day, on October 31st, Junior Achievement of Albania, in collaboration with organizations part of the ANFE Network (Albanian Network for Financial Education) and German Sparkassenstiftung in Albania, held another training of the Savings Game from October 29th to November 3rd.

35 young high school students from 11 high schools in Albania were trained about the concept of Savings and how to manage their finances in general. The training was built in the form of an interactive online game, which putted the participants in a real family situation. Furthermore, the game increased their capacities, not only regarding terms of financial management, but also gave them some valuable knowledge on inflation, financial institutions, the magic triangle economic, savings products etc.

All the families, created within the frame of the game, did well. On the other hand, where there is competition, there is also a winner. “Dara family” managed to win among other families with the highest “Quality of Life” and ” Buying their Goal”, as the main winning criteria.

Always take care of your finances!!