The newest debaters of Junior Achievement of Albania

For the second year in a row, the “Debating Economics” program continues its implementation in higher secondary education schools, now with 16 new schools that have joined it this year.  Currently there are 39 schools of secondary education part of the program, which have set up and continue to work with their Debating Clubs within the “Debating Economics” program. 

230 students were trained during the month of February as part of the Debate Clubs of 16 Higher Secondary Schools in Albania, newly joined in the program. The training sessions with students of Debate Clubs took place in 16 cities of Tirana, Koplik, Berat, Fier, Memaliaj, Përrenjas, Shijak, Kavajë, Elbasan and Peshkopi. The training of Debate Club students is aimed at equipping them with key knowledge about the debate format that is implemented in the program, its main rules and other related elements, in order to be successful debaters. 

After participating in the training, the students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained by facing their peers in the regional and national competitions of the Debate program of Junior Achievement of Albania.