We Inspire and Prepare Future Leaders

40 students from 14 different high schools in Albania, who follow the “Leader for a Day” module of JA of Albania, were welcomed during April 24th, 2023 by 36 leaders of businesses, institutions and organizations in Tirana.

It has already become a tradition that JA of Albania, in partnership with business, institutions and organizations, creates every year space for young people to follow an executive director for a working day to get to know not only the work environment, but also the processes of making decisions and the direction of successful management.

“It is extraordinary to see that in over 10 years over 18,000 students throughout Albania have followed this program and today we are in a celebration and with gratitude we say thank you to the leaders of businesses, institutions, organizations that accepted these boys and girls and they gave you a breath, they gave you a taste of how a day should be around leaders, about the future, about the challenges of leadership” – highlighted Mr. Martin Mata, Chairman of the Board of JAA during the evening organized at the end of the one-day commitment of young people to the 36 leaders who joined this commitment of JAA.

Ms. Guga, CEO of JAA emphasized in her speech that “to be successful in the labor market and to face the challenges in this constantly changing environment, young people should benefit through education and practical skills such as creativity, work in the team, determination, self-confidence, or the ability to take decisions and responsibility, which is also one of the goals of this commitment of JAA”.

This educational year, the “Leader for a Day” module was developed in 52 schools of higher secondary education and around 2,000 young people, supported by 53 teachers, received knowledge and skills that will accompany them in the labor market.