Workshop on the expansion of the partnership for the promotion of the “The Company Program”

In the framework of the BY Leap project “Linking education, regional skills and potentials with regional youth employment practices”, JA of Albania held on October 25, 2022 the Table “Values and challenges of the existing model of the Student Company”. 

The purpose of the workshop was to create a group of actors who have the same goal, that of promoting the “Student Company” model and youth entrepreneurship in Albania. 

31 participants, representatives of ASCAP, high school principals, teachers, business mentors of Student Companies, students who have completed this program and young entrepreneurs, discussed and devised solutions on three key elements: (i) identification of current challenges in the implementation of this model and the ways to address these challenges; (ii) identification of values and lessons learned from the implementation of the model in Albania and (iii) ways to build effective partnership between actors to promote this model and therefore to increase the number of students who are involved and develop their skills from this program.